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The Society is one of forty-six component medical societies of the Florida Medical Association. Currently, Manatee County Medical Society has over 350 active members, which is composed of Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine in Manatee County.

Membership is comprised of Active members, Probationary Members (1st year), Retired and Student members, Courtesy Members (members that are active members of an adjacent county medical society). Probationary, Retired, Courtesy and Student members may not vote or hold office.

If you would like to join this powerful force of medicine, please download the application and fax to the Society at 941.753.1399, or email:

When you become a member, you help patients by empowering the voice of medicine.

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Call 941-755-3411 or click here for an application .

I am a member of the Medical Society because physicians are every day heroes