Membership Benefits

The following are just a few of the wonderful benefits you receive as a member of MCMS. Don’t forget to check Partnerships for additional benefits.

Legislative Grass roots

Lobby on the behalf of Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathy for legislation regarding tort reform, expert witness, prompt pay and all issues regarding Florida’s healthcare crisis.

Inform the public and legislators on Florida’s healthcare crisis by supplying information necessary for policy making.

Find a wealth of information in our quarterly newsletter: Vocal Chords


Protecting the practice of medicine is a constant battle. As a Member of the Manatee County Medical Society and as an FMA member you help to ensure that physicians are adequately represented during the Legislative Session. Please encourage all physicians to join the fight.

Continuing Medical Education

Members are offered state mandated CME requirements at the AMA Category l Level once every year in January.

Referrals and Physician Profiles

In 2014, over 700 referrals were given to members.

Job Bank

The Society has a centralized “Medical Job Bank” for all members.


A complimentary member list is available to members upon request.

Malpractice Insurance Discount

MCMS members are eligible for a 5% discount on malpractice premiums through The Doctors Company. The payback on this discount alone pays for your membership dues and puts money in your pocket! Call The Doctors Company (800)741-3742, ext 3294.