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BMO Harris –

Contact: Jodi Allen, 941-757-4561 or

With the potential challenges associated with delays in payments from your payers, you need to be prepared with a line of credit to cover any shortfall in the timing of your receivable inflow and payable outflow. Typically, we can go from financials to commitment letter in 2-3 weeks.

Jodi is available to meet with the physician and help complete the personal financial statement for the physicians as well as coordinate with your CPA to get the necessary financial information needed to underwrite your request to keep the physician focused on the practice and not on paperwork. Jodi has extensive knowledge with lending in the healthcare industry and is available at your convenience to help with any lending needs you may have and make the process as simple as possible.


Contact Claudia Leguizamon, 941-266-7411 or

With a Chase Business Line of Credit, you’ve got money whenever you need it up to your credit limit. Use it to optimize your cash flow by filling in a seasonal gap in revenue or temporarily bridging a delay in payments or reimbursements.

The Chase Business Line of Credit is a revolving line, with variable rates that are indexed to Chase’s Prime Rate**. Its flexible design lets you customize it for your business situation and needs.


Contact: Mike Moschella, 941-714-3320 or

Whether you’re financing new equipment, buying into a practice of your own, Hancock Bank has just the right mix of financing solutions for your unique business needs.

Instead of putting undue burden on your resources, consider a line of credit as an effective lending alternative. We are happy to use one of our existing programs for physicians to assist you as you transfer from the ICD-9 coding system to ICD-10.


Contact: Derek Housh, 941-377-6403 or

At PNC, we understand healthcare professionals have unique needs, and generic financial services aren’t always the right solution.

With Cash Flow Options℠ from PNC and a dedicated Healthcare Business Banking team, we can help you take advantage of everyday untapped opportunities – like helping ensure access to credit so you can be prepared for cash shortfalls, or accelerate receivables to effectively manage how you receive and direct incoming payments. Uncover opportunities to help improve your revenue cycle with PNC Bank.


Contact: Bryan Boudreaux, 941-356-7436 or

ICD-10 Cash Flow Line

  • Revolving Line of Credit starting at $50,000
  • Fast Access to Capital:  Lines in place in as little as 5 days
  • No Origination Fee with automatic annual renewal
  • Loan in a Line Feature:  Convert all or a portion of the balances to a fixed rate solution
  • Convenient Access Checks or In Branch Advance
  • Soft Secured

Synovus Bank of

Contact: Terry Wells, 941-757-2265 or

We realize that a healthy practice begins with healthy finances.  Synovus Bank would like to assist you, as a physician in Manatee County, with your cash flow needs while making the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to slow down.  We can make it easy to generate working capital with our Business Access Line.  The line is designed to be your go-to source of financing to cover operating expenses when you are experiencing delays in claims being paid by insurers.  The line can also serve as no-fee overdraft protection for your business checking account.

Secured and unsecured credit lines up to $250,000 are available at a low, prime-based variable interest rate.  The note is a 12 month term with an annual renewal for 5 years. You can use your line of credit just by initiating an account transfer or writing a check. The application process is simple, and approval generally takes one to two business days.